Refmark servicesRefmark has 25 years in the boiler and power plant, our most recent success included projects in Reunion Island and Mauritius Island.

Our pioneering implementation of innovative monolithic products and design solutions that safeguard profitability thanks to better efficiency, reduced maintance downtime and longer repair cycles.

We have 30 years in the copper melting and refinery plants, we are considered as a refrence and installer for the primary industries, where we have come up with innovative monolithic products and designs solutions.

We have also a number of years in the Ferro-Alloy, Waste Incinerator, foundry, Aluminium, Cement-lime, Petrochem + chemicals, Zirconia Furnaces.

Overseas Clients

• Centrale Thermique Du Gol • Centrale Thermique de Bois Rouge • F.U.E.L. Steam & Power Generation LTD • Omnicane Thermal Energy Operations (St aubin) LTD • Imexco • Gulf Resources Uganda LTD

Agency Durocast PTY LTD

We have been an agent for the complete range of monolithic products manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. They are a 60% BEE rating on level 5 100% BEE rating on level 4

Cetek Ceramic Technologies

We have been working with Cetek for 4 years and have worked on numerous projects namely: Engen Refinery – January 2011 Sasol 2+3 Refinery – August 2012

Strub SA Lubricants

We have been together since 2002, we have supplied full synthetic lubricants into the market.